How To Save Money For Travel

how to save money for travel

Close your eyes for a second and picture yourself on a sunny beach at the Caribbean, hear the sea next to you and feel the sand between your toes. Pretty nice isn’t it? This is the dream of many people, especially those who are stocked in a routinely job and desperately want to travel away. But there is something holding you back, right? The answer is money. Let me tell you a secret, believed or not, to travel the world you don’t have to be rich! You may be a little skeptical about this when you see all the travel bloggers on instagram having the time of their lives, but it is possible to also be a traveler. In fact, it is not only a possibility, it can become a reality in short time with a little planning, lots of efforts, come sacrifices and a bunch of motivation.

Set up a goal

First things first, you have to set up a goal, where do you want to go? How long are you planning to stay? When do you want to leave? And ultimately, what are your expectations? Once you answer this questions you will have a good understanding about how much money you will need to save for achieving that goal. The next step is to review your finances, in detail! You need to examine every single dollar you earn and how are you expending it. Be honest here, your finances will tell you what expenses you can cut out and how much money you will be saving.

Cut out

This is the moment where you decided between “wants” and “needs”, divided all your expenses in this two categories and try keeping only with the “needs”. This is where the sacrifices come along: that fancy Starbucks coffee? Cut out; that girls night out at your favorite bar? Cut out; that pretty shirt that is on sale in the store? Cut out; that relaxing 1hour shower? Also cut out! All this little changes can have a big impact on your savings, rethink your lifestyle and start saving big money! This part is definitely not an easy task, it can be very difficult to keep a tight budget, but keep in mind that it will be worth it! Motivation is key here! Have pictures of the place you want to visit, plan your perfect holiday, read stories about other travelers, the important thing is to stay focus until you get there!