5 Reasons To Take A Cruise

5 Reasons To Take A Cruise

If you are planning your next holiday, a cruise is an option you should definitely consider! Some people have a misconception about cruising. Common concerns include: “will I get seasick? I get dizzy very easily!”; “I think I might get claustrophobic inside a boat for a whole week”; “That looks very expensive, I don’t think I can afford it!”, “I’m not a social person and the cruise looks very crowded”, “My kids are very energetic and I think we’ll get bored sailing that long”. All of these are very valid concerns, but once you go on a cruise you’ll discover that the reality has nothing to do with that. In fact, going on a cruise can be an exciting, romantic, thrilling and fun experience for you alone or your whole family! Once you have gone on a cruise, you’ll want to go sailing again any chance you have! Here we are sharing our top 5 reasons to go cruising:

1. All included:

Make the best out of your budget by getting on a cruise. Everything you’ll need aboard it’s included on your cruise ticket: accommodations, food, entertainment and more! Some cruise lines even include alcohol and soft drinks! You can find rates from 100$ per person, per night, with child discounts; that much less than what you could expend by staying in a hotel and buying food and entertainment.

2. One trip, many destinations:

One great advantage of cruising is that you can wake up each day on a different island or even a different country! This is an amaizing experience that only a cruise can offer.

3. Fun for everyone:

Cruises have activities for all ages! You can bring your whole family and you can count that everyone will find its place and have the time of their lives. From videogames hangouts to teens, nurseries to babies and toddlers, kid’s swimming pools and casino night for adults, everyone will be having fun 24/7.

4. Adventures ahead:

Cruises offer exclusive onshore excursions that will allow you to go to selected ports. This is a great way to know exotic cultures without a language barrier and in a very exclusive way. Even though most excursions are not included on your tickect, you can choose to go on your own or go along other travelers and have a great time onshore.

5. You can be as social as you like:

You can meet a lot of people and make a ton of new friends, or you can choose to enjoy a book by the pool and have a wonderful alone time enjoying the ocean breeze.