Airplanes: The Best Way To Travel

Airplanes: the best way to travel

Imagine that you have to go to a place that is thousands of miles away form you, and you need to be there by the next day. In fact is not hard to picture it, you may just be thinking “i could take a plane and be there in a couple of hours”. Not even a century ago, this was an impossible task! Airplanes have transformed the way we travel the world. It has open us the possibility to go beyond our frontiers to places we couldn’t even imagine. Planes have allow us to go further and faster than ever before, and they keep changing and upgrading to be the very best way to travel.


On our everyday lives we need to make every second count. This is extremely true when it comes to your vacations. You have a limited number of days to enjoy at your destination and in order to make the best out of your time, traveling by plane will get you there faster than any other transportation. And it is no only about speed, it’s about safety. Contrary to popular belief, travel by plane is the safest way to travel. In fact, you are most likely to be struck by lightning doing some rug cleaning than die in a plane incident. Everyday more than ten thousands planes are in the sky, safely arriving to their destinations.


Airplanes also offer great comfort to their passengers. When you get on a plane you’ll be greet by friendly staff ready to answer to your needs during your flight. Modern planes are equipment with entertainment systems that allows you to watch the latest movies, keep up with your favorite TV show, check on interactive maps of the plane and more! You can even get on-line since more planes now offer in-flight Internet to their passengers, so you can check on your e-mails, catch up with your work or even have a digital meeting or just connect with family and friends. Airplanes are a great place to meet new people, since you will be with the person next to you a couple hours together, it creates a sense of community that makes the time perfect for a brief in-air friendship. Airplanes also allow you to sleep comfortably on long flights, the staff will provide blanked, pillows and even blindfolds for your comfort. You’ll get to your destination rested and ready to go.

5 Reasons To Take A Cruise

5 Reasons To Take A Cruise

If you are planning your next holiday, a cruise is an option you should definitely consider! Some people have a misconception about cruising. Common concerns include: “will I get seasick? I get dizzy very easily!”; “I think I might get claustrophobic inside a boat for a whole week”; “That looks very expensive, I don’t think I can afford it!”, “I’m not a social person and the cruise looks very crowded”, “My kids are very energetic and I think we’ll get bored sailing that long”. All of these are very valid concerns, but once you go on a cruise you’ll discover that the reality has nothing to do with that. In fact, going on a cruise can be an exciting, romantic, thrilling and fun experience for you alone or your whole family! Once you have gone on a cruise, you’ll want to go sailing again any chance you have! Here we are sharing our top 5 reasons to go cruising:

1. All included:

Make the best out of your budget by getting on a cruise. Everything you’ll need aboard it’s included on your cruise ticket: accommodations, food, entertainment and more! Some cruise lines even include alcohol and soft drinks! You can find rates from 100$ per person, per night, with child discounts; that much less than what you could expend by staying in a hotel and buying food and entertainment.

2. One trip, many destinations:

One great advantage of cruising is that you can wake up each day on a different island or even a different country! This is an amaizing experience that only a cruise can offer.

3. Fun for everyone:

Cruises have activities for all ages! You can bring your whole family and you can count that everyone will find its place and have the time of their lives. From videogames hangouts to teens, nurseries to babies and toddlers, kid’s swimming pools and casino night for adults, everyone will be having fun 24/7.

4. Adventures ahead:

Cruises offer exclusive onshore excursions that will allow you to go to selected ports. This is a great way to know exotic cultures without a language barrier and in a very exclusive way. Even though most excursions are not included on your tickect, you can choose to go on your own or go along other travelers and have a great time onshore.

5. You can be as social as you like:

You can meet a lot of people and make a ton of new friends, or you can choose to enjoy a book by the pool and have a wonderful alone time enjoying the ocean breeze.

How To Save Money For Travel

how to save money for travel

Close your eyes for a second and picture yourself on a sunny beach at the Caribbean, hear the sea next to you and feel the sand between your toes. Pretty nice isn’t it? This is the dream of many people, especially those who are stocked in a routinely job and desperately want to travel away. But there is something holding you back, right? The answer is money. Let me tell you a secret, believed or not, to travel the world you don’t have to be rich! You may be a little skeptical about this when you see all the travel bloggers on instagram having the time of their lives, but it is possible to also be a traveler. In fact, it is not only a possibility, it can become a reality in short time with a little planning, lots of efforts, come sacrifices and a bunch of motivation.

Set up a goal

First things first, you have to set up a goal, where do you want to go? How long are you planning to stay? When do you want to leave? And ultimately, what are your expectations? Once you answer this questions you will have a good understanding about how much money you will need to save for achieving that goal. The next step is to review your finances, in detail! You need to examine every single dollar you earn and how are you expending it. Be honest here, your finances will tell you what expenses you can cut out and how much money you will be saving.

Cut out

This is the moment where you decided between “wants” and “needs”, divided all your expenses in this two categories and try keeping only with the “needs”. This is where the sacrifices come along: that fancy Starbucks coffee? Cut out; that girls night out at your favorite bar? Cut out; that pretty shirt that is on sale in the store? Cut out; that relaxing 1hour shower? Also cut out! All this little changes can have a big impact on your savings, rethink your lifestyle and start saving big money! This part is definitely not an easy task, it can be very difficult to keep a tight budget, but keep in mind that it will be worth it! Motivation is key here! Have pictures of the place you want to visit, plan your perfect holiday, read stories about other travelers, the important thing is to stay focus until you get there!

Your travel guide to London: Top places to visit

Europe is one of the most appreciated destination in the world between tourists, that continent has the perfect combination between tradition, mythology and modernity, the old world receive millions of visitors each year and you can be one of them.

The magic of London

London is one of the most impressive cities belonging to the old world, it is a vibrant and amazing metropolis with an undeniable charm from its ancient, rich and mythical history, it has everything you may want in a city, advanced technology, all the commodities of a modern life, beautiful traditions, old and magical places full of history and legends, incredible nightlife, quiet places to relax and all-family attractions, you can acquire a London Pass, which will grant you discounts and special offers in the most popular and amazing attractions of this city.

London is the capital city of England and the most populated in the United Kingdom, it is a place of legends, myths and incredibly rich history, besides, it is home of one of the most old monarchies that have survived until our days, it is scenery of countless stories, films, books and many other forms of art have been placed in that city, it is a great pleasure to visit it and see the places named in your favorite stories!

This city has stunning attractions worth to be visited, and all the commodities you may need, it has an, it is one of the largest and efficient urban transport network, with the iconic double-decker buses, you can acquire the Visitors Oyster Card, which can be used to pay for all public transport in London, it also grants you 50% discount in tickets and exclusive offers and discounts.

11 special places you must visit in London

There are many amazing places worth to be visited, but you can start to know London with these ones:

-British Museum is a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture.
-Tower of London is a legendary fortress, palace and prison.
-Buckingham Palace, the Royal residence, opened to public only some days.
-Westminster Abbey it is a royal church and a World Heritage Site with over a thousand years of history.
-Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens and Palace, one of the most amazing landscapes.
-National Gallery it is an art museum in Trafalgar Square which houses a huge collection of ancient paintings.
-Houses of Parliament, it actually is The Palace of Westminster which is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, -The two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
-The London Eye is the Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.
-The Big Ben is the iconic clock tower at the north end of the Palace of Westminster.
-Madame Tussauds London, it has incredible wax replicas, including the Royal family.
-Trafalgar Square, another iconic and wonderful place.